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Griffith University
Griffith University are looking for nominees to be a part of a pilot program, free of charge, called Skool Program 2008 that will be held September 29-30 at the Griffith University South Bank Campus.

The program is for school-aged (year 11 or 12) elite athletes and performers, with a likelihood of becoming professional, who wish to participate in a two day leadership camp.

The camp will include sessions on the following topics: leadership, ‘Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’, ‘Show me the money!, Depression and Suicide, Interpersonal skills, Networking and Etiquette’ and Media Skills.

There is only 40 spots available at the camp and applicants will be chosen based on talent, gender, sport (they hope to have a variety of sports) and ethnic background (they would like a cultural mix). They are also looking for a mix of state school and private school students.

Applications close at 5pm, August 15 2008.

Contact Michael Jeh, Griffith Sports College, for more information