Indigenous Sport Queensland is a non-profit incorporated association that aims to promote and advocate Indigenous sport in Queensland.

Established formally in 2007, ISQ’s mission is to enhance the development of Indigenous sport in Queensland by working to promote and sustain interest in the development of organised Indigenous sport in the State by:

assisting in the coordination of broad, long-term planning for Indigenous sport in the State
assisting in the access for Indigenous people to sports facilities and other sporting resources in the State
seeking and identifying direct or indirect funding sources which could be made available for the development of Indigenous sport in the State, aiming to ensure that these funds are put to their most effective use
providing members with forums for the exchange of information, advice and assistance, where appropriate
formulating policies on any subject pertaining to Indigenous sport by the collection and collation of the views of members and presenting both the majority and minority view to any other organisation, institution or body governmental, semi-governmental or otherwise as appropriate
promoting the role of ISQ and Indigenous sport by, amongst other things, the establishment and presentation of awards of merit or any similar form of recognition for skill, service and ability