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1.  Our Say On Our Play (836Kb)
Our_say_on_our_play.pdf (871KB)

2.  Download Membership Form (pdf 34kb)
Membership Form.pdf (33KB)

3.  Click here for Regional Nomination Form
2008 ISQ Nomination Form.pdf (263KB)

4.  Click here for Youth Award Nomination Form
Youth Award Nomination.pdf (127KB)

5.  Click here to see Event Poster
isq_poster_A3.pdf (207KB)

6.  Click here to read the 2008 Sports Award Formal Guidelines
2008Formal Guidelines.pdf (432KB)

7.  Click here to see flyer
Rainforest Cup Final Flyer.pdf (204KB)

8.  Click here to read full article
Palm Island.pdf (297KB)

9.  Click here to view flyer
Boxing Flyer 1.ppt (234KB)

10.  Click here for details and nomination form

11.  Click here for Event Flyer
Sports Cultural Festival.pdf (709KB)

12.  Click here for Draw
Rainforest Cup Draw.pdf (186KB)

13.  2008 Nominees.doc (36KB)

14.  Click here to view profiles of the nominees
Youth Award Profiles.doc (37KB)

15.  Click here for Eddie Gilbert Medal profiles
EG medal profiles.doc (38KB)

16.  Click here for Leigh Ann Goodwin Youth Award profiles
LAG Youth Award.doc (38KB)

17.  Click here to read full story
Rainforest Cup News Story.pdf (1.03MB)

18.  Click here for profiles of all award winners
Winners.pdf (45KB)

19.  Click here for Straight Talk Flyer
Straight Talk Flyer.pdf (143KB)

20.  About Straight Talk 2009
About Straight Talk.pdf (84KB)

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