Indigenous Sports Queensland



Indigenous Sport Queensland has announced a three year major sponsorship deal with mining company Oz Minerals at an event held at Substation No.4 in Petrie Terrace, Brisbane.

It was their first networking event and showcased their upcoming events for 2008 along with unveiling the major partnership.

In attendance were a number of Indigenous legends, past and present indigenous athletes Darby McCarthy and Albert Proud and members of the indigenous community.

Leaders of state sporting bodies and corporate organisations were also in attendance. Darby McCarthy, one of Australia's premier jockeys in the 1950s and '60s, was the guest speaker.

Kathryn Logan & Darby McCarthy
Kathryn Logan (Oz Minerals) & Darby McCarthy

Albert Leah Greg
Albert Proud (Brisbane Lions), Leah Close (Goori House) & Greg McGuiness (Goori House)

Greg Murray Marcia
Greg Koehler (Junior Rugby League), Murray Bird (Velocity Sports) & Marcia Laurie (AFL SportsReady)


Room 2